5 Ways to Be a Tech-Savvy CFO

5 Ways to Be a Tech-Savvy CFO

The role of the CFO is changing fast. Customers, the board, your finance team, your stakeholders within the firm, and most of all technology is driving this change. Of course, change is rarely easy, even if it’s entirely worthwhile. In this case, technology is both the source of your challenge and the solution you need.

Today, it takes a tech-savvy CFO – someone who understands and embraces the promise and power of technology – to navigate this exciting but sometimes uncertain future. A tech-savvy CFO seeks to modernize and transform the company’s business systems (and IT infrastructure) to boost staff productivity and give the company flexibility for the future. Even if you are in the process of becoming tech savvy, in today’s landscape, an effective CFO must have knowledge of how technology will positively impact your company.

Here are five ways the tech-savvy CFO uses technology to get ahead and stay ahead.

1. Embrace automation. Technology powers the new tools and processes you need to transform your organization, while keeping pace with rapid growth. As you put that technology to work, you will see the results in your company’s performance. For example, you can add financial controls that ensure compliance and auditability. Automation enables rock-solid accounting and bullet-proof record-keeping – allowing your company to move faster, without fear.

2. Gain visibility. Where can you accelerate your business? How can you eliminate risk? Are you seeing your data in real-time? The sooner you know, the faster you can act on the really big opportunities in front of your business. To truly understand the nature of your business, you need to leverage a single source of truth. Your teams become empowered to dig deeper, and you can move faster toward bigger growth.

3. Look to the cloud. It’s time to invigorate your organization with the cost efficiencies and freedom of the cloud. After all, the safe bet of on-premises systems has become a bust. Slow innovation delivery and nightmare implementation cycles have shown there is just no future in the old way of doing things. Today’s cloud solutions, such as Sage Intacct financial management software, delivers greater productivity, lower TCO, and better security.

4. Empower the next level of growth with agility. Top-performing organizations must constantly evaluate operations to make the right strategic investments. You need the flexibility to address the shifts in your business as they occur. The decisions you make today will become the competitive advantages of tomorrow.

5. Collaborate with confidence across your entire company. Departmental silos suppress collaboration and productivity. And that challenge compounds as your business grows. Why stay constrained by the old ways of isolated decision-making and missed information, when you can achieve your best results by working together? The tech-savvy CFO uses technology to streamline processes and leverage the power of the team.

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