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About Us

About Us

Leaf builds modern business applications that create value for our clients. Our clients trust our strategic approach to help them grow.

Leaf Employees Matt and Sarah

Who We Are

Founded on principles and focused on growth.

Our principles influence and guide every aspect of our business. We are team centered, with extensive experience and a laser focus on superior products and services.

What We Do

We deliver the highest quality software solutions – on time and on budget. 

Leaf Software Solutions has been delivering mission critical business solutions for over 30 years through innovative software consulting.

We were founded in 1987 with a set of strong principles and the desire to serve comprehensive solutions to our clients. We’ve continued to increase the value of our customers’ businesses through innovative software solutions. Throughout our history, we have always searched for new ways to better serve our clients, and we will continue to provide solutions of the highest quality.

Team members at Leaf will tell you that the work environment is worker-friendly, with flexibility and job fulfillment the goal of the leaders at Leaf. The proof of this is the 12 years in a row that Leaf has been awarded the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” recognition.

Best Places to Work in Indiana

Our advisory approach results in custom-tailored solutions that create value for your business.

Leaf specializes in:

  • Custom Development
    • Custom Solutions
    • Microsoft Power Platform
  • ERP Products
    • Sage Intacct
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP

With Leaf, there is no one-size-fits all solution. We work with your team to create software with the best possible fit for your business.

Our Principles

Fairness | Kindness | Effectiveness | Significance

Our professional and personal behaviors are collectively driven by a common set of values, shared by all our associates.

  • Integrity
    Trust is essential to any meaningful relationship. We are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with each other and those with whom we come in contact.
  • Aptitude
    We seek associates with exceptional aptitude for computer related work and eagerness to learn new skills, valuing talent and experience.
  • Skill
    We value associates who continually improve their skills through hard work and concentration.
  • Excellence
    We are committed to achieving high quality results in everything we do.
  • Education
    We believe that education broadens one’s perspective on life and work.
  • Initiative
    A high level of personal motivation is a critical aspect of success. We look for associates who take initiative, rather than being directed.
  • Confidence
    We believe much more can be accomplished by confidence than by fear.
  • Cooperation
    We value interpersonal skills. We want to be characterized by tact and deference towards others.
  • Humor
    We value a good sense of humor, and believe that laughter is a wonderful gift.


Are you ready to build the future with Leaf?

This is a company where people stay: nearly half our team has been at Leaf for 10 years or more. We’re passionate about setting businesses and people up for success, and we recruit people with the drive to take on significant and fulfilling projects.

Leaf Software Solutions