Extend, Scale, and Grow the Impact of Microsoft Teams

Extend, Scale, and Grow the Impact of MS Teams

We wanted to share an opportunity we discovered hiding in plain sight that may help improve your business, like it has for some of our customers.

In conjunction with the popularity of Microsoft Teams (the chat, document collaboration, and online meeting software platform), Microsoft has opened up the ability to develop and deploy additional functionality using that platform to consolidate your common, more time-consuming business software activity. Your staff can be much more effective by remaining in one platform, instead of jumping from one program to another.

What is Microsoft Teams?

  • At its core, Teams is a chat, online meeting, and document collaboration platform.
  • Beyond that, Teams represents a unique opportunity for you and your organization to bring together disparate and siloed applications on to a single platform.
  • Microsoft realizes the opportunity this represents and continue to invest heavily in building out the capabilities and feature sets within Teams.
  • We’ve seen our clients take advantage of this capability to improve business processes by establishing a common platform for chat and collaboration.
  • Teams can be transformational, taking mundane and repetitive tasks and standardize on one platform to drive efficiency within the organization.
  • There are many uses cases that Teams represents to combine or even replace business applications with an organization.
  • Leaf has helped companies use Teams as a platform to extend, scale, and grow the impact Teams has on the organization. There is potential to strategically leverage MS Teams to impact far reaching areas of your business.
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