Growing Your Multi-Entity Business with Sage Intacct

Growing Your Multi-Entity Business with Sage Intacct

Are you adding new locations? Opening another office? Congratulations! Your business is on a growth path. While it’s exciting to cut the ribbon or open the bottle of the bubbly to celebrate, challenges await. New entities add complexities to your organization that your QuickBooks financial software isn’t built to handle.

Some of these include: decentralized payables, inter-entity transactions, multiple currencies, and global consolidations – all of which require a purpose-built financial management system such as Sage Intacct. Whether your business is global or domestic, simple or complex, now you can close the books faster and gain the visibility you need even as your operations grow and evolve.

Get quick and accurate closes with automated consolidations
Finance teams in distributed organizations struggle with QuickBooks inability to quickly consolidate information at period close or when it’s needed for decision making. Sage Intacct’s multi-entity structure allows you to consolidate multiple entities with just a couple of clicks. Now you get accelerated closes, improved accuracy, and better visibility. Plus, every global consolidation includes a detailed journal entry report for easy audibility.

Easily manage multiple currencies
Sage Intacct automates the management of multiple currencies, saving you time and increasing accuracy. You’ll use up-to-date exchange rates for currency conversions and revaluations, and instantly access information on currency gains and losses. You can also produce reports in your headquarters? currency or the entity’s local currency.

Save time and effort with simple setup and maintenance
With Sage Intacct, all your business entities reside in one system. You can quickly set up policies, procedures, workflows, and reporting for new entities regardless of the complexity of your multi-entity structure. For example, you can easily configure each new entity with unique definitions. Or automatically “inherit” centralized definitions’ workflows, charts of accounts, period definitions, and lists across entities for a standard, organization-wide configuration. You can also opt for automated inter-entity transactions with manageable rules, making it easier to centralize payables and receivables.

Give the right people the right access with permissions
Sage Intacct provides permissions that can be scaled to just the location the user works in and to just the area that person needs to see. For example, you may want a person to be able to enter sales orders for their entity, but they don’t need to see everything that’s going on in purchasing. Also, you may want a manager to be able to pull a report just for their department without being able to delve into the financial information of the whole company.

Take advantage of fast, flexible reporting
Giving people self-service access lets them get to the information they need – when they need it – to help their part of the company grow, and you don’t become a single source for constant requests. And Sage Intacct makes it easy to quickly produce accurate financial reports, regardless of your organization’s complexity. You can get insights from real-time visibility with instant roll-up reporting (single currency) or push-button consolidations (multiple currencies). What’s more, you can easily switch between consolidated and local views for further insights into the figures.

Growing businesses trust Leaf Software Solutions
QuickBooks, while excellent for new businesses, wasn’t designed for the complexities of multi-entity organizations. Whether you’re expanding geographically or diversifying your business, rely on Sage Intacct to keep you in control across your company. The professionals at Leaf Software Solutions can create and implement a technology solution that meets your unique business requirements now and as you grow. Contact us by phone or email and let us know how we can help.