Why Leaf Underwrites WFYI Public Media

WFYI Public Media

Leaf is a proud supporter of WFYI Public Media. In fact, we’ve been supporting WFYI since 2006, underwriting morning and afternoon radio programming such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Marketplace. What was the genesis of this support? Why have we continued to support public media?

Some History

As Leaf redefined its own space in the market, rebranding to Leaf Software Solutions in 2003, we were determined to reestablish the company as a local resource. We knew part of our core philosophy was to establish trust before offering solutions as we targeted customers in the Central Indiana area. As it turns out, the profile of our target customer happened to closely match the characteristics of those that were already listening to and consuming public media.

As our chairman Mike Wilson states, “The opportunity to take advantage of this match between WFYI listeners and our target customer was percolating right under our noses. It was simply up to us to make the investment in a public resource we believed in. In early 2006 we started underwriting WFYI and have been pleased to be a part of their mission.”

Underwriting vs Advertising

The revenue model public radio depends upon is based on underwriters, not traditional advertisers. The messaging within this model allows us to affirm our support for public media rather than simply pitch our product information. This style of communication resonates with listeners and creates a halo effect as we reiterate and confirm the values of public media to their loyal listeners. The Leaf brand message is showcased in an uncluttered environment, not in a block of ads where listeners may tune out. Just as Leaf establishes trust in our collaborative engagements with customers, WFYI establishes trust in its listeners by providing high quality educational and informative programming.

Our Target Customer Aligns with WFYI’s Radio Audience

When you look at the WFYI radio coverage map with its focus on Central Indiana, you see alignment with the Leaf target geography. Our desire is to be known locally, establishing business relationships and providing solutions here in Central Indiana. By underwriting local programming, Leaf is reaching those business leaders that are not only engaged in the community, but also are decision makers.

Loyal Audience, Loyal Customers

A public radio audience values the difference between advertisements and sponsorships. When listening to commercial radio with its up to 26 minutes of non-programming time per hour, you’re more likely to change the station. With public radio listeners, over 56 minutes of programming occupies every hour, decreasing the clutter and resulting in a loyal audience keeping the dial set where it is. Clearly, this gives sponsors like Leaf a better chance to reach our audience. Listeners come to appreciate this schedule, and associate our brand with the high value, low interruption type of programming.

Linking Our Brand with WFYI

One thinks carefully before choosing an advertising or underwriting partner. Do you and your brand want to be linked to the values and character of that partner? Associating our brand alongside a partner providing engaging and thought-provoking content positions Leaf favorably. Leaf lives by its core principles of Fairness, Kindness, Effectiveness, and Significance. We see those principles reflected in the way WFYI delivers trusted and valued content to Central Indiana, which confirms our commitment as an underwriter.

Are you interesting in learning more about WFYI Public Media? With your support, you’re contributing to the WFYI Mission to empower, educate, entertain and connect the community through impactful journalism, inspiring stories and lifelong learning.

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Corporate Support of Public Media

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